ON Gun Registration, the NRA, Hitler, & Nazi Gun Laws (2004)

SOURCE: University of Chicago Law School
AUTHOR(S): Bernard E. Harcourt
LINK: http://www.law.uchicago.edu/files/files/67-harcourt.pdf
BITLY STATS: http://bit.ly/ZzXuNX+

RESEARCH QUESTION: Does Nazi Germany provide evidence that gun registration leads to loss of rights, oppression, etc.?

FINDINGS: Many Americans have internalized belief despite lack of evidence. Gun laws in Germany at the time were fluid & complex. Hitler first expanded rights, then restricted rights of CERTAIN CLASSES of citizens, which is not a fair comparison to USA, which seeks to regulate ALL CLASSES of citizens equally. Gun lobby uses comparisons to Nazi Germany, however, they fail logically in 3 ways:

(1). Comparing white, male, protestant gun owners in USA to Jews of 1930s Germany is not equivalent.

(2). NRA says “guns don’t kill, people kill”, which means “guns are things, things don’t do damage.” BUT they use Nazi Germany analogy to oppose gun registration, saying “gun registration will take away rights”. However, “gun registration” is a “thing”, not a person, therefore incapable of this via their logic. So, either “things DO kill” OR “gun registration is not bad”.

(3). Nazi goal was FIRST to oppress Jews. THEN they used legal (& extralegal) methods to make it happen. Not the other way around. That is, Oppression came before Disarming Jews.

England & USA have many historical “gun registration” laws, back to 1600s, yet both became/are arguably freest nations in world. Gun registration laws in USA have survived several constitutional/legal challenges. Fear of gun registration is a cultural phenomena- a culture war.

NOTES: Some history of Colonial American & British gun control laws. There were many.

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