Firearm Injuries in the U.S. (2011)

TITLE: Firearm Injuries in the United States (2011)
AUTHOR(S)/SOURCE: Firearm & Injury Center at Penn (University of Pennsylvania)

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 6.50.08 PMFINDINGS: (1) Firearm injury in the United States has averaged 32,300 deaths annually between 1980 and 2007; (2) Firearms are involved in 67% of homicides, 50% of suicides, 43% of robberies, and 21% of aggravated assaults; (3) In 2008, there were 78,622 nonfatal firearm injuries in the United States, 73% of which were the result of interpersonal violence; (4) Homicides involving gangs (& OTHER ARGUMENTS) constitute a minority of gun homicides; and, (5) LOTS & LOTS MORE!

Guns in the Home & Risk of a Violent Death (2004)

TITLE: Guns in the Home & Risk of a Violent Death in the Home: Findings from a National Study (2004)
AUTHOR(S): Linda L. Dahlberg, Robin M. Ikeda, and Marcie-jo Kresnow

RESEARCH QUESTION: does having a firearm in the home increases the risk of a violent death in the home & whether risk varies by storage practice, type of gun, or number of guns in the home.

FINDINGS: Regardless of storage practice, type of gun, or number of firearms in the home, having a gun in the home involves an increased risk of firearm homicide & firearm suicide in the home.

Community firearms and community fear (2000)

TITLE: Community firearms & community fear (2000)
SOURCE: Epidemiology, 11(6), pp. 709-714.
AUTHOR: Miller MAzrael DHemenway D.

FINDINGS:  By a margin of more than 3:1, citizens feel less safe, not safer, when others in their community acquire guns. Of 2,500 random respondents, just 14% reported they would feel more safe with more guns in their neighborhoods.