Guns Don’t Deter Crime, Study Finds (2015)

Relationship between the prevalence of guns & homicide rates in the US (2014)

TITLE: Examining the relationship between the prevalence of guns and homicide rates in the USA using a new and improved state-level gun ownership proxy
AUTHORS: Michael Siegel, Craig S Ross, Charles King

ABSTRACT: Determining the relationship between gun ownership levels and firearm homicide rates is critical to inform public health policy. Previous research has shown that state-level gun ownership, as measured by a widely used proxy, is positively associated with firearm homicide rates. A newly developed proxy measure that incorporates the hunting license rate in addition to the proportion of firearm suicides correlates more highly with state-level gun ownership. To corroborate previous research, we used this new proxy to estimate the association of state-level gun ownership with total, firearm, and non-firearm homicides. Using state-specific data for the years 1981–2010, we modelled these rates as a function of gun ownership level, controlling for potential confounding factors. We used a negative binomial regression model and accounted for clustering of observations among states. We found that state-level gun ownership as measured by the new proxy, is significantly associated with firearm and total homicides but not with non-firearm homicides.

States With More Guns Have More Homicides (2013)

TITLE:  States With More Guns Have More Homicides (2013)
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SOURCE: American Journal of Public Health, November 2013, Vol. 103, No. 11, pp. 2098-2105. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2013.301409
AUTHORS: Michael Siegel, Craig S. Ross, and Charles King III.

FINDINGS: Gun ownership was a significant predictor of firearm homicide rates. States with higher rates of firearms in the home have disproportionately big numbers of gun-related homicides.